Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting A Little More Personal


I have done a pretty poor job of keeping the current stream of thought going. This circumstance is partly due to my new job, which takes me out to places I have not seen for days at a time and then sends me home to indulge in the time I have with my family. I do have time on the road, like right now, when I sit in Starbucks all over the Southeast and check email, research for my thesis, keep up with blogs, and make attempts at adding new material to this blog.

I have decided to bring in some material that will express my circumstances a little more, and hopefully be of some interest to you. I will, of course, continue the discussions on the "Interrelational Church," but now it will be accompanied by pictures and bits of information concerning my travels. Maybe I can even learn a little more about ecclesiology in my business travels.

This first post will be followed by some pictures I took down in Jacksonville, FL and St. Simon's Island, GA. Please feel free to continue to comment on that which I post. I am a social individual and am not one of those who views his blog as a journal that might gratify one’s desire to talk to oneself. Thanks for visiting the site. This is one of the better ways I can share my life with so many friends that are spread across the United States. I have been blessed to have a selection of friends from many different states and backgrounds. I would love to hear from you all.

In Christ, Jason T. Glen

This is a landing on the St. John's River that I spent a day at. It conveniently had a Starbucks and a nice selection of restaurants. It was also down the road from First Baptist Jacksonville (Of Jerry Vines fame). Speaking of that church...they had a pretty extravagant security system there but I was amazingly able to make it into the inner sanctum after they had closed. What I found there is somewhat disturbing. In the new children's building I found a toy shop. I'm probably narrow minded, but do we really need toy shops in our children's ministry complex. I said that like we all have children's ministry complexes. They did have key card entry door on all children's building hallways, that was pretty responsible.

That little window of goodies included board games, card games, cars, action figures, and other "giggle" material. I'm pretty hip to the ages but... Come On! Is that really necessary?
On a positive note, I did get to see the sanctuary where my dad graduated from Luther Rice Seminary with his Doctorate. I think it was in 1980, which was the last time I had been to Florida before last week.
More of my trip to come!!!!


ashleeglen said...

Haha. This reminds me of the episode of King of the Hill I saw on a friends blog where the mega church had a coffee shop that resembled Starbucks even to the point of selling similar cds. Pretty funny...and pretty sad.

Hope you're having fun!

em said...

Glad you´re getting to see some fun stuff and share some crazy stories! The Church is a funny thing sometimes. (funny sad, not funny haha)

Hope you continue to get some cool experiences despite having to be away from home. hasta!

ssutton said...

Hey Jason. Good thing you weren't at the landing during FL/GA weekend. Hope the hometown crowd treated you well. -Sutton

Phil said...

you know, the real disappointing thing about that is that I don't think there are any auditoriums (auditori?) that big in my state. Glad to see your getting out of the bubble a bit.

Will Yadusky said...

will he ever come back?